~COMING SOON 2017~ Beasts of Atonement MC Series by Diana Marie DuBois



Beasts of Atonement MC Series by Diana Marie DuBois

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A new paranormal series!

In the crescent city a group of shifters roar along the city’s streets on motorcycles destined to protect the innocent. Welcome to the Beasts of Atonement MC.

The Gryphon’s Revenge Book # 1
Alone, yet Apart, Elek Tavaloris has always kept the peace as creator of the Motorcycle club, Beasts of Atonement. A group of shifters sworn to uphold their vow of protection of the innocent. But, when they fail to protect his sister, tragedy strikes and he steps into his true role, King of All Beasts, in order to pave a path to revenge. With an old friend by his side, he creates a new chapter of the BOA in the Crescent City, a place known for its seedy lifestyle.

Local street musician, Lyric Brunet, is the black sheep of her family. Her heart beats with the rhythm of jazz no matter how much they frown at her life choices. After doing a small gig at a local coffee shop, a handsome new patron seeks her out and before she knows it, the shop is closing and it’s time to head home. He walks her home after a minor accident. Strange things continue to happen and she seeks out the stranger again but before they can meet up, fate happens and it almost cost her life.

Will Elek be able to bury his past or will it follow him and devour Lyric, bringing about the wrath of The King of Beasts?

The Bear’s Redemption Book # 2
Deep in the hills of North Louisiana there are two types of shifters, winners and losers, and Dalton Robicheaux is a winner. Meaner than a grizzly with the patience of a cub, he’s the shifter to beat. As a child, he was sent to fight in an underground bear fighting ring. With nothing more than the will to live and the courage to fight, he managed to survive. He is thrown up against an opponent with a reputation as bad as his own. His pride gets in the way letting devastation and tragedy unfold and leaving him unable to forgive himself. Uncertain of where life will lead him next, he flees taking a younger bear with him. He’s heard rumors about the Beasts of Atonement MC in the Big Easy and seeks them out hoping to carve a new home for himself and his ward.

Alexandra LaRue dances the nights away as the owner of one of the top burlesque troops in NOLA. She takes care of her girls no matter what. One dark night she bites off more than she can chew and ends up on the losing end. With her cries for help falling on the deaf ears of drunk patrons, she almost loses her life until a deadly looking stranger pulls her from the fray.

Watch as Dalton and Alexandra circle around each other in a dance of possibilities. Will they end up friends? Lovers? Enemies? Only time can tell.

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