Register for Kingdom Writers Conference today!


Register for Kingdom Writers Conference today!

#AromasAuthors #BraeWyckoff @BraeWyckoff

Awakening International
July 7 – July 10
2117 Industrial Ct, Vista, California 92081

William Paul Young (author of The Shack will be our keynote speaker)

Other guests will be Pastor Tracey Armstrong, Academy Award Winner Peter Berkos, and Brae Wyckoff

*****July 7th- Thursday night VIP Dinner (SOLD OUT)

*****July 8th- Friday

Registration opens at 4pm
Event starts at 6pm (vendor area is open from 4 to 6- authors will be selling product)
Speakers will be Brae Wyckoff, Manna Ko, and William Paul Young
Estimate 10pm finish

*****July 9th- Saturday (all day)

Registration opens at 8am
Event starts at 9am (vendor area is open from 8 to 9- authors will be selling product)
Session 1: 9am to noon
Brae Wyckoff with Peter Berkos
William Paul Young
Lunch Break (noon to 2) (vendor area is open- authors will be selling product)
Session 2: 2pm to 4pm
Q&A with entire panel (Brae Wyckoff, Manna Ko, Pastor Tracey Armstrong, William Paul Young)
Pastor Tracey Armstrong will be speaking as well for the 2nd half of session 2
Dinner Break (4pm to 6pm)(vendor area is open- authors will be selling product
Session 3: 6pm to 10pm
William Paul Young and Pastor Tracey Armstrong
Impartation to attendees from speakers

*****July 10th- Sunday
church service is at 10am (Free to the public to attend)

William Paul Young will be our guest speaker
***William Paul Young will NOT have a book table at this event.

Autographs are not guaranteed but bring your book just in case you can snag an autograph.

***Brae Wyckoff, Manna Ko, Tracey Armstrong, will ALL have product tables in the main lobby

***Other vendors will be authors selling product in Suite C…make sure you go and check out all they have.

Make sure to register for the

For further information click on the link below!

Thank you!

Have a great day!!writers-conferen

— with Brae Wyckoff.


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