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A minute is measured, by many, as a trivial moment of time. I, however, see it as sixty seconds allotted to progress one’s life or further our understanding that we all have a limited amount of time on this earth to make our mark worthy of remembrance. For some, a minute is a lifetime, for others, a mere hindrance to greater things. It lives and it dies along with us through various adventures, and its importance is weighed with our choices in our life. I live by the minute because life, just like time, takes no breaks. I view my life as a never-ending minute of work and dedication to my passions in my life. I have a life dedicated to my wife and sons, although the paths I’ve chosen for myself have been perilous and not without the demons that possess everyone at times. I have veered from this path numerous times. However, I always have one eye on the ultimate goal and have broken down hundreds of barriers designed to prevent me from achieving it. Each barrier I smash through makes the urgency of the struggle much more acute. I live my life waiting and preparing for the next one in hopes that this will be the last one and finally, at long last, I can rest knowing that I have succeeded in life.

I’m Don Hyler and this is my story.

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